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Festo Didactic Showcases Mechatronic Learning Systems at Automate 2023

Festo Didactic invites attendees to two conference presentations – AI and real-time data (May 23) and Industry 4.0 trends (May 25).

For the first time at Automate, exhibits from Festo Didactic, the learning arm of Festo, are within the Festo booth. The joint appearance of Festo and Festo Didactic illustrates the importance the company places on workforce development as North American reshoring accelerates. (Huntington Place Convention Center, Detroit, May 22-25, Booth #1026)

Besides learning systems, Festo shows its UR+ certified multi-axis solution for Universal Robots (UR). The certified UR system offers unique capabilities in the UR collaborative ecosystem by allowing up to four additional axes of motion beyond the UR cobot’s six axes.

Festo Didactic learning solutions

Festo Didactic features its new online learning portal – the Festo Learning Experience, Festo LX. Festo LX focuses on the growing need for more individualized learning. Festo LX provides modular resources for technical training. These resources can be individually assembled into courses and entire learning paths. Varied formats, such as videos, animations, simulations, and text units, ensure participants remain engaged. Existing courses can be modified as desired to meet the employer’s or school’s requirements. New content in text, image, or video format are easily added.

Festo Didactic features Robotic Manufacturing Production System (MPS) training stations at the Festo Booth #1026, AUBO Robotics USA Booth #4413, and SICK Inc. Booth #1332. The MPS is used to teach the core competencies of robotic material handling and vision. The MPS robotic station will be outfitted with a 360-degree Safety Awareness package that consists of two area scanners tightly integrated through a safety PLC. To facilitate training, Festo and SICK safety developed a training curriculum covering the basics of robot safety and risk mitigation using an easy-to-follow six-step method.

On May 23 (2:30 PM - 3:15 PM Room 330A), Ted Rozier, Director of Digital, Advanced Technology and Robotics at Festo Didactic, describes how organizations can unleash the power of artificial intelligence (AI) based on real-time data from robotics and automated manufacturing components. Rozier covers the types of data that must be captured, the kinds of solutions most applicable to AI, the technical competencies educational institutions can integrate into their curriculums, and the skill sets that will enable frontline workers to thrive in an AI environment. 

Rozier also presents during the A3 Educator Networking Luncheon on Thursday, May 25. Luncheon attendees will hear about Industry 4.0 (I4.0) technology trends, the importance of data, the competencies required to thrive in this new environment, and tips for beginning the training journey.

“From large organizations to mom-and-pop shops, manufacturers use automation and data exchange among robotics and machines to maximize uptime, shorten lead times, and reduce scrap,” Rozier said. “To thrive within the fourth industrial revolution and the emergence of applied AI manufacturers, workforce professionals and educators must understand the key challenges and adjust career pathways to be successful.”

Visit www.festo.com for the full range of the company’s solutions.

Festo is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components, and controls for process and industrial automation. Festo Didactic leverages its automation expertise to provide comprehensive industrial and technical education solutions. Festo is committed to providing educators and employers with the hands-on training, digital coursework and blended learning solutions needed to close the STEM skills gap. Our lab equipment, curriculum and certification programs are thoughtfully designed to support various learning pathways and on-the-job training. With 4,000+ FICP certifications and 36,000 Festo-equipped educational institutions, Festo Didactic and its partners are preparing students and employees for the future of work. https://www.festo-didactic.com/us-en/ and www.festo.com

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