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Festo Breaks Price/Performance Barriers with New Multi-Axis Gantry

The EXCL checks all the boxes for affordability, performance, flexibility, footprint, and integration.

ISLANDIA, NY, February 27, 2023 — Festo introduces the EXCL, a multi-axis gantry kit that lowers acquisition, engineering, and assembly costs for automated sample handling and liquid dispensing in laboratory devices. (SLAS, Feb. 25 – March 1, San Diego Convention Center, Booth #837)

The EXCL can accommodate two independently transversable Z-axes. With dual independent axes, one axis can handle samples while the other manages liquids, or one axis decaps and caps sample vials while the other handles liquid. Not only do independently transferable Z-axes boost performance, but they also eliminate the need for two standalone devices, reducing footprint and costs. And the EXCL saves integration time when both applications reside in the same footprint. The EXCL’s printed circuit board controller mounts within the device. No special control cabinet is required.

EXCL seamlessly integrates with all Festo pipette heads, including the new DHOP closed-loop unit and the popular EHMD rotary gripper for decapping and capping. Festo components feature interoperability, which reduces engineering time and lowers risk.    

The EXCL features an open-source motion and fluidic application programming interface for PC control with common programming languages such as G-Code. By utilizing a library of common drivers, Festo reduces the learning curve and enables device manufacturers to develop an optimized control strategy. Manufacturers gain flexibility and the ability to customize, eliminating any need to purchase a generic machine and then adapt their test or assay solution to it. Instead, manufacturers build a unique machine with world-leading Festo mechatronics.

Festo Life Science personnel work with device manufacturers from inception, which bring products to market faster, with less engineering overhead and risk. Components for the gantry, including extrusions, are available off the shelf, easing supply chain and support worries common with custom components. Festo’s global economies of scale give OEMs cost advantages compared to designing and assembling their own gantries.

Festo ships the EXCL as a kit, ensuring fast, trouble-free assembly. Gantries come with a unique part number for each OEM, which lowers procurement time and simplifies reordering. Festo supports EXCL globally through its network of regional service centers.

For more information on Festo Life Science solutions – dispensing liquids, controlling gases, and handling and gripping vials ‒ email life.sciences.nam@festo.com and visit Festo Laboratory Automation. Visit www.festo.us for the full range of products.

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EXCL gantry top view
The EXCL gantry can accommodate two independent Z-axes. On the right: a rotary gripper for decapping and capping; on the left: a pipette system aspirates and dispenses.