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Festo Automaton Solutions Featured at BrewExpo 2023

Festo automation solutions boost brewery efficiencies and batch-to-batch consistency while lowering operating costs.

Founded in 1925 in Germany, Festo has long been associated with the breweries industry. Festo provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with components and systems optimized for every brewery challenge, including precise brew house control, low-waste/high-speed can and bottle filling, and efficient end-of-line packaging. (Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America, May 7-10, 2023, Nashville, Festo Booth #261)

Festo I/O systems, including the new CPX-AP-I decentralized I/O, reduce wiring cost and time. Decentralized I/O makes it easier and faster to add sensors for precision control and quick response to minor issues before they become major ones. Festo shows for the first time at BrewExpo input/output blocks for its next generation control system CPX-AP-A. CPX-AP-A takes pneumatic and electric motion control to a new level of performance and capabilities.

Festo showcases IP65, IP67, and IP69 rated components, such as the industry leading IP69k-rated MPA-C valve terminal. Mounting rugged, high-quality Festo automation components, such as the MPA-C, on a machine or skid not only lowers wiring and panel building costs, but also brings control closer to the process for increased performance and a cleaner, more streamlined OEM solution.

Festo’s one-stop-shop for components and intuitive online engineering productivity tools reduce OEM engineering overhead and help OEMs bring their systems to market faster. An example of this efficiency is Festo’s full range of manual and pneumatically actuated butterfly valves and automated ball, angle seat, and pinch valves, all of which are available at the company’s online store. The KVZB ball-valve configurator and similar Festo configuration tools simplify and speed up ball-valve assembly selection and ordering.

The new Simplified Motion Series (SMS) represents an engineering breakthrough that combines the simplicity of pneumatic motion with the benefits of electric automation. SMS took proven machine mountable axes, such as ball screw, toothed belt, mini slide, and rotary, and integrated each of them with an onboard servo drive. Users commission two-position motion via onboard push buttons with no additional software needed. OEMs program infinitely variable positioning along the axis via IO-Link, a standard feature on all SMS axes. SMS axes are ideal for packaging line applications and support OEM goals for innovation, ease of use, and increased use of electric motion.

Festo food and beverage components conform to the highest standards of sanitary design and operation. For more information, visit the Festo website www.festo.com/us.

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