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Integrated data management

Platform CPX-E for combined servo and stepper motor technology

CPX-E is the harmonised,   integrated platform by Festo that combine servo and stepper motor technology   for smooth mixed operation. Designed as an EtherCAT® master controller and   motion controller with protection to IP20, CPX-E is the central control   system for handling applications. Several bus modules are available for the   configuration as a compact and low-cost remote I/O. With NE21-specific   approvals, the module is also the central control system for process  automation.


With the CPX-E Festo is offering a complete solution for automation tasks. In addition to its universal functions, it also supports all system solutions from Festo. And the engineering workload is significantly reduced thanks to the integrated data management in combination with the Automation Suite software. Advanced software functions enable electric drives from Festo to be seamlessly integrated and controlled. Since all motion control functions are embedded into the controller world, the I/O component density is high and mounting on an H-rail is quick and easy.


One solution – many applications

CPX-E features specific software functions tailored to products and solution packages from Festo. The innovative automation system can be used to create solutions for parts handling, assembly systems, palletising or gluing and dispensing. Complete automation solutions for packaging machines (flow wrappers), palletising devices, selective soldering systems or wafer handling are some of the typical customer applications for the modular control platform.


In addition to comprehensive PLC functions and multi-axis applications with interpolation, the CPX-E can be easily integrated into existing host systems. This is made possible by the EtherCAT® master interface, the integrated PROFINET device interface or the EtherNet/IP slave interface. The OPC UA client and server functions are available for easy integration and interoperability in Industry 4.0 host environments with cloud and digitalisation concepts. An IO-Link® master rounds off the CPX-E integration portfolio.




The programming system CODESYS V3 with additional software libraries is the basis for both simple and complex motion control applications. It includes PLCopen Part 1 and

Part 2, robotics (PLCopen Part 4), a cam disc editor and a CNC editor (dxf file import). Festo expands its portfolio with a simple Festo Automation Suite for planning and managing projects, which is extremely user-friendly and practical for automation and handling technology. Equipped with auxiliary modules, CPX-E is also suitable for applications in process automation. It meets the interference immunity requirements in accordance with NE21 for process and laboratory control equipment.




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