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Strengthening dimensional metrology skills to improve productivity and quality in manufacturing

Increase worker qualification with new training packages from Festo

Product dimensional inspection skills are key for manufacturing excellence and quality control in a globalized, competitive world. To ensure strict product compliance with design specifications, expertise in product measurement, interpretation of technical drawings, and statistical techniques should become second nature so that workers can correctly apply these skills as soon as they hit the shop floor.  

“Employers expect such fundamental skills from the workforce. But because of the broad scope of the topics and the need for extensive hands-on experimentation, dimensional metrology is sometimes only partly covered in the classroom”, explains Dr Hans Jörg Stotz, Member of the Management Board for Festo Didactic. “This is what led to the development of pragmatic learning solutions that support training at school and in industry settings.”    

Comprehensive training that puts skills to the test

Three new training packages accelerate knowledge acquisition, as well as practical skills development and assessment in dimensional metrology, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, and statistical process control, applied to the requirements of the manufacturing industry.

Multimedia course material guides learners (students, trainees, or workers) through an extensive range of activities and projects arranged in a sequence of increasing complexity. Hands-on experimentation is carried out using turnkey equipment sets. Modular courses and equipment entail flexibility: training can be adapted to individual needs, whether in the framework of a formal course or as self-guided learning.

Relevant skills for employment 

To ensure maximum pedagogical value and realism, experienced teachers provided valuable feedback regarding their training requirements. “We go beyond measuring tasks and pure technical knowledge. The courses also develop transversal competencies, such as decision-making and problem-solving skills – a requirement for today’s workplace”, says François-Philippe Paradis, Product Manager of Industrial Trades learning solutions, Festo Didactic. 

The training packages are available from Festo Didactic sales representatives or dealers. For more information, including access to videos, please visit our website: www.festo-didactic.com/int-en/learning-systems/maintenance-mechanics/dimensional-metrology-key-skills-for-the-manufacturing-world.html

Festo Didactic is a leading provider of technical training and further education. The product and service portfolio offers customers integrated educational solutions in industrial automation topics. The wide range of products and services are aimed at vocational schools and universities, research centers and industrial customers. Festo Didactic is part of the globally oriented, independent family-owned company Festo with headquarters in Esslingen a. N., Germany. The 760 employees of Festo Didactic in 61 Festo national companies generated sales of EUR 140 million in 2022.

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New training packages
The new Dimensional Metrology and Quality training packages from Festo Didactic are designed to teach a wide range of skills for prospective and current manufacturing workers.
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Relevant learning content
Students learn proper use of measuring instruments, accurate interpretation of technical drawings using geometric dimensioning and tolerancing and relevant use of statistics for quality control.
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Courses available now
Courses are available as an eLab course on the Festo LX portal, or in print or PDF workbooks.

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