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Competence development as an answer to the shortage of skilled workers

Festo Didactic optimally supports its customers with the Festo LX online learning portal and hands-on training courses

Finally, live on-site and hands-on: At Hannover Messe, visitors to Festo's Stand C22 in Hall 6 can once again experience the learning environments of Festo Didactic. Festo Didactic, the specialist for technical education and training, will be drawing highlights from its portfolio - from the Festo LX digital learning portal, the Festo Learning Experience, to learning systems and content focused on Electrical Engineering and Factory Automation.    

Digitalization and working in a home office have led to new demands on learning forms and teaching methods. "Festo Didactic has adapted to this and developed the Festo LX digital learning portal, the Festo Learning Experience," reports Dr. Ute Gebhard, Head of Digital Learning and Training, Festo Didactic. The learning portal provides learning content for various technical training professions in small nuggets that can be individually assembled into courses and entire learning paths. Varied formats such as videos, animations, simulations, text units or small quizzes ensure endless learning options. By combining online learning content and hands-on training, the learning potential can be optimally developed.

Competency qualifications

Festo Didactic's Industrial Workforce Development (IWD) offerings stand for lifelong learning and help to adapt the skills of today's workforce to current needs. The focus is always on the fundamental question of which formats are ideal to meet skill needs. Festo LX bridges the gap between digital and in-person training. "Up-skilling" involves developing skills in the existing work environment, while "re-skilling" involves retraining for new work areas and work roles. Therefore, a topic of the offering will be a training concept for battery manufacturing.

Digitization with Factory Automation

Festo Didactic offers a wide range of learning systems that support competency development and knowledge acquisition in the fields of mechatronics and automation. Worldwide, the company supports its customers in a practical and interdisciplinary manner from the basics of industrial technology to the fundamentals of engineering to complete industrial automation. With the learning systems in factory automation and the matching learning content on Festo LX, Festo Didactic teaches qualification topics such as digitalization, robotics and sustainability.

Energy innovations through education

Electricity is the basis of the modern networked world. Currently, the global energy landscape is in a state of upheaval. Due to the strain of rising demand and ecological challenges, the generation, distribution, use and storage of electrical energy is being put to the test. The professional field in this area is constantly growing and a large proportion of employees must be familiar with electrical systems in order to be able to use electricity in their everyday work. Festo Didactic's learning solutions are the best way to prepare people for topics such as renewable energies and electromobility. The topics can be taught digitally with the learning systems as a blended learning approach.

Acerca de Festo Didáctica
Festo aprovecha su experiencia en automatización para ofrecer soluciones integrales de educación industrial y técnica. Festo Didáctica se compromete a proporcionar a los educadores y a los empleadores la formación práctica, los cursos digitales y las soluciones de aprendizaje mixto necesarios para cerrar la brecha de habilidades STEM. Nuestros equipos de laboratorio, planes de estudio y programas de certificación están cuidadosamente diseñados para apoyar diversas vías de aprendizaje y formación en el puesto de trabajo. Con más de 4.000 certificaciones FICP y 36.000 instituciones educativas equipadas con Festo, Festo Didáctica y sus socios están preparando a los estudiantes y empleados para el futuro del trabajo
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