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Solutions that boost the employability of future wind turbine technicians

Training excellence is key to successful onboarding in the wind power industry

BZEE and Festo Didactic renew their longstanding collaboration to offer guidance and learning resources to support training providers in the tuition of skilled wind turbine technicians in order to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

The cooperation agreement between BZEE (Training Centre for Renewable Energy) and Festo Didactic provides their respective customers – technical schools and training centers – with easy access to industry and didactic experts who have the knowledge to support the creation or expansion of training programs and facilities. The result of a learning concept based on the complementary expertise of BZEE and Festo Didactic is a comprehensive training solution aligned to professional requirements.  

Certified training

BZEE develops best-practice vocational training standards for training excellence in wind energy and turnkey solutions for training providers. BZEE delivers training through a global network of licensed partners – the BZEE Network. Alignment of the contents of vocational training standards and courses to industry requirements is validated by the advisory board of the non-profit BZEE Association.

“Training providers are welcome to join our growing network. BZEE certification not only gives your organization a competitive edge, more importantly it gives your graduates a competitive edge in the job market”, says Mr. Uwe Geiling, managing partner for the BZEE Network. He continues: “In addition to our standard contents, practice-oriented learning solutions from Festo allow students to dive deeper into specific subjects and develop a larger skill set.”

Hands-on skills development

Festo Didactic offers learning systems that develop skills in key technical areas such as the fundamentals of wind technology, hydraulics, mechanics and electrical engineering. In particular, its fully interactive, scaled-down commercial wind turbine prepares learners for real-world operation, troubleshooting and maintenance, as well as connection to the power grid, in a safe, hands-on environment.

“Increasing the share of wind energy in the global energy mix plays an important role in the decarbonization of the planet. We are proud to contribute directly to the training of professionals through the development of competencies in the field of sustainability together with BZEE,” says Dr. Oliver Niese, Member of the Management Board Festo Didactic SE and Head of Digital Business Festo SE & Co. KG.

The return on investment in wind farms depends largely on the availability of a skilled workforce capable of installing, operating, repairing, and optimizing wind turbines, making wind turbine technicians a key job profile in the wind industry. Therefore, technical schools need to ramp up their programs to provide the wind industry with skilled graduates in sufficient numbers.


About BZEE

BZEE is the world’s leading vocational training standard for wind turbine technicians. Together with its global network of training providers, BZEE has successfully trained more than 4,000 entry-level technicians for the wind industry. The BZEE Standard was originally developed more than 20 years ago in Germany and is regularly updated by an advisory board to meet current industry needs. Today, the BZEE Standard is taught on 5 continents through the BZEE Network, which consists of more than 20 vocational training centers. The BZEE Network continues to grow as the transition to renewable energy gains momentum globally. For more information: https://www.bzee-association.org

Acerca de Festo Didáctica
Festo aprovecha su experiencia en automatización para ofrecer soluciones integrales de educación industrial y técnica. Festo Didáctica se compromete a proporcionar a los educadores y a los empleadores la formación práctica, los cursos digitales y las soluciones de aprendizaje mixto necesarios para cerrar la brecha de habilidades STEM. Nuestros equipos de laboratorio, planes de estudio y programas de certificación están cuidadosamente diseñados para apoyar diversas vías de aprendizaje y formación en el puesto de trabajo. Con más de 4.000 certificaciones FICP y 36.000 instituciones educativas equipadas con Festo, Festo Didáctica y sus socios están preparando a los estudiantes y empleados para el futuro del trabajo
Más información en https://www.festo-Didáctica.com/us-en/ y http://www.festo.com

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Worldwide use of the learning system
The Nacelle Wind Turbine Learning System has been used to train skilled technicians in technical and vocational schools around the world since 2010.
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Renewable energy at WorldSkills Special Edition 2022
A competitor performing a maintenance task on the wind turbine system during the Renewable Energy competition at WorldSkills Special Edition 2022.
BZEE vocational training
BZEE vocational training equips participants with the hands-on skills needed to succeed as an entry-level technician in the wind industry.

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