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Practice-oriented introduction to artificial intelligence

Industrial companies have the possibility to access real application scenarios

The educational module "Machine Learning Vision" addresses the trends in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Optical quality inspection as an application scenario is close to practice in the industrial environment. Through additional learning materials, the contents are structured in a didactic concept in which theoretical knowledge transfer alternates with practical experiments.

Technical education and training in the field of machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are currently permeating the industrial sector. This trend is caused by increasingly powerful computers. This means that large quantities of sensor data can be systematically analysed and recommendations for action can be made. With "Machine Learning Vision", Festo Didactic is addressing these trends. The educational module provides a practical introduction to the topic. "Our aim is to provide industrial companies with real-life application scenarios in the form of learning solutions for technical education and training. In this way, skilled workers can be prepared in a targeted manner for tomorrow's practice," says Dr Hans Jörg Stotz, Member of the Management Board, Festo Didactic.


Real application scenarios for industrial companies

The application scenario is optical quality inspection, which, for example, enables the differentiation of good and bad components. On the hardware side, an industrial camera module is used that can be operated "stand-alone" or as part of an entire learning factory and is connected by means of corresponding machine learning-based software. According to all predictions, the share of such intelligent software within modern production systems will continue to increase in the coming years. " In-depth vocational and further training is the key factor for mastering such complex systems in the future and using them profitably," says Dr Tobias Schubert, Industry 4.0 Officer, Festo Didactic.


Learning materials ensure didactic support

The learning materials provide an overview and explain the most common terms. In addition, the learning software offers an introduction to the necessary operations in the field of optical quality inspection, especially with neural networks. Due to prepared data, beginners can carry out the experiments without programming knowledge.

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