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Compact, versatile, powerful

Media-separated solenoid valves VYKA, VYKB and VZDB from Festo

Dosing, aspirating or continuous flow – with the media-separated valves VYKA, VYKB and VZDB from Festo all three operating modes are possible. The compact yet powerful valves dose and aspirate even small quantities with a high level of precision. Thanks to their impressive pressure and nominal width specifications, they are also suitable for controlling the flow in a manifold duct plate, for example.

The valves can easily handle vacuum as well as pressures of up to 3 bar and Kv values up to 969 ml/min. Their small grid dimensions make them suitable for a wide range of applications, such as the VYKA with microwell plates. The high-performance polymers EPDM, FKM and FFKM used for the separating diaphragms can withstand even aggressive media, protect the interior of the valves and simultaneously prevent corrosion. This is ideal for sensitive applications because the low internal volume makes the valves easy to clean. The media-separated valves cover a range of nominal widths. You can choose between nozzle widths of 1.2 mm, 1.6 mm and 2.0 mm.


Choice of actuation options

The media-separated valves VYKA, VYKB and VZDB come with different actuation options (3/2, 2/2 NC, 2/2 NO). All three valves are extremely precise when it comes to controlling liquid amounts in the microlitre or millilitre range in various dosing and flow applications.


With the VYKA, the 12 … 26 V DC actuation of the plug-in electronic connecting component (E-box) VAVE or the valve control module VAEM reduces the holding current. This valve is 7 mm wide. The holding current reduction prevents sensitive media from heating up. With the VYKB, unlike the VYKA, the electronic connecting component is integrated and can be actuated using 12 V or 24 V. It is 10 or 12 mm wide. In contrast to the VYKA and VYKB, the media-separated valve VZDB is actuated using compressed air. It is 10 mm wide.


Wide range of applications

The excellent performance of the liquid valves makes them a suitable choice not only for laboratory applications and in vitro diagnostics, but also in the perfume and flavour industries as well as for emissions units.


Other applications include media handling in the semiconductor industry, e.g. manufacturing wafers, 3D printing or printing packaging. The three solenoid valves are also a solid choice for cleaning processes for cuvettes and needles or for agricultural equipment like milk pumps.

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Solenoid valves VYKA, VYKB and VZDB
Dosing, aspirating or continuous flow – with the media-separated valves VYKA, VYKB and VZDB from Festo all three operating modes are possible.

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