Hannover Messe Preview 2021

Realizing both – individualization and mass customization – with the Festo Automation Platform

What will Festo be focusing on in 2021? In addition to digitalisation, individualisation and sustainability play an important role. Festo offers not only pneumatics but also electrical automation technology and therefore has the most suitable and energy-efficient solution for every application. The advantage: Festo supplies all components coordinated from a single source.

Content press kit:

  1. Productivity Master – inkl. video of the presentation mass production and individualization
  2. The fast way to a safe insulin pen
  3. Festo App wins at the Give a Breath Challenge – App for the correct use of respirators for Covid 19 patients
  4. Festo in the fight against Covid-19
  5. Mini factories in containers help reduce mask shortages
  6. An electric future powered by qualified employees – Training on energy efficiency and sustainability
  7. 25 per cent less power consumption
  8. Artificial feathers give flight to robotic birds – BionicSwift