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On the safe side

Food-compliant tubing/fitting combinations from Festo

With the tubing PUN-H-F and the stainless-steel push-in fitting NPQR, manufacturers of food and packaging machines are on the safe side. This product combination from Festo guarantees compliance with food safety requirements. But Festo has suitable tubing/fitting combinations for other extreme situations too.

The new food-compliant tubing PUN-H-F meets the standards for use in the food industry according to Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 and FDA 21 CFR 177.2600. Together with the fittings NPQR, it can thus be easily used in the food and packaging industry, particularly in places where it might come into contact with food. The kink-resistant tubing is resistant to hydrolysis and microbes, making it ideal for environments with high moisture or with water at temperatures up to 60 °C. The material used prevents hydrolytically induced cracking. The black version is especially UV-resistant and thus also suitable for use outside of enclosed buildings. The “natural” colour variant of the PUN-H-F is suitable for applications with gaseous oxygen as the operating medium.


Easy to handle

The push-in fitting NPQR also complies with Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 and the materials are listed to FDA 21 CFR. It is additionally certified to NSF 169. The combination of the NPQR and the tubing PUN-H-F is thus the ideal solution for the food industry. The high level of resistance to most media and chemicals as well as the extreme corrosion resistance set the push-in fitting apart.


The large number of variants, threads and tubing sizes means it is suitable for many different applications. Assembly is easy and works by simply plugging and unplugging the tubing. Leaks are prevented by a chambered O-ring that is securely held in place. The food-compliant design reduces edges where dirt could collect. This makes the push-in fitting very easy to clean.


For extreme situations

In applications where fittings are subjected to intense heat, the metal fitting NPQH is the right choice. It too is food-compliant, heat-resistant up to 150 °C and suitable for high pressures. The combination of the fitting NPQH and the standard tubing PUN-H is food-compliant, FDA-compliant and resistant to microbes and hydrolysis in the spray area of food applications. The tubing is printable for quick identification, resistant to cleaning agents and food compliant.


The combination of the fitting NPQH and the tubing PFAN is heat-resistant up to 150°C, chemical-resistant, FDA-compliant and resistant to common cleaning agents and lubricants. This classic tubing among those approved for the food industry also complies with Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 and FDA 21 CFR 177.2600. The PFAN can also carry aggressive acids and alkalis. The plastic tubing PFAN's decomposition temperature of 230 °C speaks for itself. Installed with the stainless-steel fittings CRQS, the duo enables a compressed air supply of 10 bar at 80 °C and up to 6 bar at 150 °C for reliable operation in the food industry, even if things sometimes get hot.


Selection made easy

The free product finder for tubings and fittings helps users to find the right combination for every application. The selection software is easy to find in the Download area of the Festo website.

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Tubing PUN-H-F
Tubing PUN-H-F: For highly versatile use in food applications, the “natural” colour variant can also be used in applications with gaseous oxygen.
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Tubing PUN-H-F with push-in fitting NPQR
On the safe side: The combination of the tubing PUN-H-F and the stainless-steel push-in fitting NPQR from Festo guarantees compliance with food safety requirements for manufacturers of food and packaging machines.

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