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First programmable proximity switch

SDBT-MSX from Festo with auto teach-in revolutionises sensor technology

Adjusting the proximity switches for detecting the end position of a pneumatic cylinder’s piston stroke is often a complex process. Not so with the SDBT-MSX from Festo, the first proximity switch with automatic switching point adjustment.

Commissioning a proximity switch has never been easier for users in factory automation, the electronics industry and in small parts handling. Simply install the SDBT-MSX in the approximate end position, connect the cable to the controller and switch on the system. That's all there's to it.


Flexible learning

Since the switching point is learned during operation, there is no need for a power supply during installation! Alternatively, commissioning technicians can also use the capacitive control button to teach in the switching point manually. The PNP/NPN and NO/NC settings as well as a switching window range from 2 to 15 mm can also be defined. This flexibility greatly reduces the variety of proximity switches that must be kept in stock.


The proximity switch SDBT-MSX fits in all drives with a T-slot. It best matches drives from Festo such as the standards-based cylinder DSBC, the guided drive DFM, the round cylinder DSNU, the compact cylinder ADN or the mini slide DGST. The SDBT-MSX is part of the Festo Core Range, which means short delivery times and worldwide availability. With its attractive price and long service life, the sturdy proximity switch is ideal for many applications in different industries.

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SDBT proximity switch
The proximity switch SDBT-MSX with auto teach-in learns the piston end position itself once installed in the approximate position.

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