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Disposable gloves never again in short supply

Automated testing system from AFA ensures a reliable supply of hygienic gloves worldwide

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, protective equipment was in short supply. Nursing staff didn’t have enough face masks, protective goggles, full-body protective suits, or hygienic disposable rubber gloves. To overcome at least the shortage of  gloves, AFA Technologies offers packaging machines and automated systems for quality control. The Malaysian company relies on pneumatic valve technology from Festo for its machines.

Before the outbreak of the global COVID crisis in spring 2020, the production of hygienic disposable gloves was limited to the traditional rubber-producing countries in Southeast Asia. The sudden increase in demand led many countries affected by the pandemic to set up their own glove production. This presented an opportunity for AFA Technologies to export machinery and equipment to Europe and North America as well. However, Malaysia is still the leader in the world rubber glove market with a market share of 65%.


World market leader

"We currently have a market share of 85% in packaging machines and test systems for disposable gloves", explains Chester Tan, Chief Executive Officer of AFA Technologies, and proudly points out that the company has already sold more than 300 leakage test machines of the type LTM. Tan attributes this success not only to the rapid increase in demand ceated by the pandemic, but also to AFA's technological leadership.


AFA has been developing leakage testing machines for protective gloves since 2009. Previously, it was common practice to test the gloves manually. Now only the mounting of the gloves on the test mandrels is done manually, the actual testing process is automated. The testing system achieves an output of 4,800 to 5,200 pieces per hour with only three operators. The output speed and, most importantly, the consistency in quality control compared to three operators testing the gloves manually have been increased significantly.


High-precision valve technology

The machines test the rubber and nitrile gloves by using air pressure to detect any holes but do not destroy the gloves in the process. The LTM 120 machines have 120 test mandrels made of medical Teflon with built-in LED lighting. The mandrel can be used for various standard glove sizes from XS to XL and from 5.5 to 9.0. The testing machine uses high-precision digital pressure sensors with a pressure accuracy of up to 0.001 psi.


Each of the 120 test mandrels is controlled by a pneumatic valve type VUVG from Festo. The valve from the Core Range is significantly smaller and more robust than comparable valves on the market, is available from stock worldwide and attractively priced. "We are glad that the experts from Festo, especially Dhruv Subbiah, at that time country manager of Festo Malaysia, as well as sales engineer Aaron Ang, advised us on the right use of Festo valve technology," adds Tan.


Worldwide availability

The support from Festo does not stop at sales advice, but also includes extensive simulations and calculations, as well as test products for proof of concept to determine which products might be suitable for the machines. "What is also practical for us now that we are experiencing a flourishing export of our machines is that Festo is quickly available in over 180 countries worldwide," says Tan.


Additional quote:

“It has been a great pleasure to work with AFA because of their passion for technology, and their vision to expand their scope from the glove industry to end-to-end material handling and packaging solutions. We have enjoyed the partnership as their solution provider for automation solutions, and are looking forward to our future journey together.”

Dhruv Subbiah, today Head of Industry Segment Management, Electronics and Light Assembly, Southeast Asia and Pacific.


费斯托 (Festo)是一家全球性的独立的家族企业,总部位于德国埃斯林根。自成立以来,Festo在工业自动化技术和技术教育方面制定标准,从而为环境、经济和社会的可持续发展做出贡献。公司为超过35个行业的30万家工厂和过程自动化客户提供气动和电驱动自动化技术解决方案,其中生命科学和实验室自动化业务受到越来越多的关注。Festo产品和服务遍布176个国家。2022年,费斯托在全球61个国家的250多个分支机构拥有约20800名员工,实现销售额38.1亿欧元。每年约7%的销售额用于研发。在这家学习型企业,1.5%的销售额用于基础和进一步培训。Festo 教学培训 (Didactic SE) 是全球领先的技术教育和培训供应商,为全球客户提供工业环境中全面的数字化和常规学习解决方案。

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AFA - LTM 120 test system
Extremely productive: the LTM 120 test system from AFA Technologies for hygienic gloves.
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AFA - test disposable gloves
Quality assured: 120 test mandrels test disposable gloves made of natural rubber and nitrile.
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Festo VUVG valves
Compact and available from stock worldwide: 120 Festo VUVG valves per machine control the test mandrels.
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Management of AFA Technologies, Malaysia
The Management of AFA Technologies in Malaysia: Christopher Tan (Chief Business Development Officer) on the left and Chester Tan (Chief Executive Officer)