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Ideal for automation in the chemical industry

Sturdy and reliable quarter turn actuator DFPD-C from Festo

The quarter turn actuator DFPD-C from Festo is well equipped for the harsh conditions in the chemical industry. It is suitable for actuating butterfly valves, globe valves and ball valves in process plants in the chemical and petrochemical industry and can also be used with a positioner for control applications.

The sturdiness and reliability of the quarter turn actuators DFPD-C and DFPD-C-VDE2 with NAMUR interface to VDI/VDE 3847 are achieved through various features, including a hard anodised end cap to prevent scratches. The blow-out-proof screws for adjusting the end position increase the reliability while the actuator is under pressure. Shaft centring rings ensure the actuator and process valve are perfectly aligned. Captive, non-ferrous spring packages provide additional security against spring fracture.


Compact and modular

All types of pilot valves with NAMUR interface as well as positioners to VDI/VDE 3847 can be connected to the actuator without additional piping via a manifold block with port pattern to NAMUR mounted on the front of the actuator. Users can thus save themselves time-consuming and costly piping tasks. It also simplifies maintenance and helps to avoid potential leakages and installation errors.


The design of the DFPD-C means that it can be used under almost all difficult conditions in the chemical industry. This is also thanks to the compact and modular gear rack-and-pinion combination, which makes the DFPD-C easy to install even when space is limited.


Flexible and modular

The different versions enable the use of a wide range of pilot valves, positioners and proximity switch attachments. Thanks to the optimised spring design, the pressure range can be perfectly set for the task in hand. This allows pressures from 2 to 6 bar to be easily set in increments of 0.5 bar. When the manifold block is attached, the practical hot-swap function allows the positioner and pilot valve to be changed during operation.

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DFPD-C quarter turn actuator
Equipped for the harsh conditions in the chemical and petrochemical industry: the quarter turn actuator DFPD-C from Festo.
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DFPD-C-VDE2 quarter turn actuator with manifold block
Quarter turn actuator DFPD-C-VDE2 with manifold block and NAMUR Interface.

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