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Flexible closed-loop drive control

Servo drive and servo motor as a complete system

One module fits perfectly with another: a complete drive system consisting of the servo drive CMMT-AS and servo motor EMMT-AS from Festo enables complete connectivity in hardware and software. Users can commission the complete drive system consisting of the servo drive, servo motor and mechanical system in only three minutes.

The compact servo drive CMMT-AS is an integral part of the Festo Automation Platform. It is designed for dynamic motion, point-to-point and interpolating, in demanding applications in assembly and handling technology, for packaging machines or in the electronics industry. It is perfect in combination with the AC synchronous servo motor EMMT-AS.


Due to the “single closed-loop controller concept for Ethernet-based bus systems”, the servo drive CMMT-AS from Festo enables the direct, virtually seamless fieldbus integration into the products of all major controller manufacturers. This also applies to the efficient and simple integration of CMMT-AS into all application programs, including controller-specific function elements, for example from Siemens, Rockwell or Beckhoff.


The auto-tuning function supports the easy commissioning of rotary and linear movements and automatically optimises the control behaviour of the connected servo motors and linear mechanisms from Festo – and also supports the mechanical systems of third-party suppliers during commissioning.


The EMMT-AS is an AC synchronous servo motor for demanding and dynamic applications. The connection of the servo motor EMMT-AS using a single-cable solution (OCP) for the power supply, the encoder and the brake simplifies and reduces the installation effort and saves space in the control cabinet. Technically, it is characterised by a low detent torque. It is therefore easy to regulate and guarantees path accuracy for both linear and rotary positioning tasks.


Quick commissioning

Easy, reliable and, in particular, faster commissioning is made possible by the integrated electronic rating plate which contains all the relevant motor data and can be read directly from the CMMT-AS.


The free Festo Automation Suite is the main software of the constantly expanding Festo Automation Platform, which is entering the automation market with numerous new products and solutions from the mechanical system to the cloud. It combines the parameterisation, programming and maintenance of electrical Festo components in one program and enables the commissioning of the entire drive package, from the mechanical system to the controller, in just a few intuitive steps.


Complete connectivity

Servo drive CMMT-AS and servo motor EMMT-AS are an important part of Festo’s philosophy of complete connectivity, i.e. the ability to connect a workpiece completely through to the cloud, from its mechanical connections and electrical interfaces to commissioning and controller programming. This simplifies the work of every machine builder and automation engineer when it comes to connecting the mechanical and electric technology as well as the control levels and their interfaces with the hardware and software.

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Servo drive system with CMMT-AS controller and EMMT-AS motor.
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Servo drive CMMT-AS up to 2.5 kW and optional control unit CDSB.