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Space-saving round cylinder with easy adjustment

Round cylinder DSNU-S-… from Festo with self-adjusting cushioning

Impressive time and space savings with the round cylinder DSNU-S-… from Festo. It is the only pneumatic round cylinder with self-adjusting cushioning PPS. This makes commissioning child's play.

The self-adjusting cushioning PPS from Festo puts an end to the back and forth usually required when setting the cushioning of pneumatic cylinders. The cushioning system makes commissioning easier and saves time. This ensures that travel into the end position is dynamic but gentle and doesn't requires any manual intervention.


First save time

Up to now, users had to manually adjust the integrated pneumatic end-position cushioning in the cylinder. This is time-consuming and prolongs the commissioning of systems with lots of drives to be cushioned.


Self-adjusting cushioning PPS from Festo ensures optimum cushioning performance at all times without the need for any manual intervention, even when parameters such as friction and pressure change. This decreases wear and time-consuming impact forces are kept to a minimum.


Then save space

The other benefit of the DSNU-S-… is that it needs less installation space than the round cylinder DSNU from Festo. This is due to its short end cap and smaller mounting thread. It thus supports the trend towards smaller, lighter machines that take up less space, which in turn can have a positive effect on the transport costs.


The DSNU-S-… is part of the Festo core product range, which means short delivery times and worldwide availability. With its attractive price and long service life, the sturdy round cylinder has what it takes to be a bestseller.

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DSNU-S round cylinder
The round cylinder DSNU-S-…: the slimmer and shorter version of the standards-based cylinder DSNU.